Construtech Ventures


How we work

We are Venture Builders

Founders Recruitment

We seek entrepreneurs committed to solve problems and generate value in the construction and real estate sectors

Team Builder

Together we co-create, form teams, prototype solutions and validate scalable business models

Investments to Grow

Having tested and proven the business potential and the path to growth, we invest to expand the company's impact

We also invest in Construtechs

We are looking for startups who are developing solutions for the construction and real estate sectors. And what do we evaluate?

Real Problems

We like solutions that generate value for customers, that solve problems that really impact the market


The bottom line is people! We believe in people who can create and execute. More than ideas, we seek attitude, focus and results


We seek to understand the tomorrow's market, where and how it will arrive there


We evaluate how our skills together can make the business even stronger. We provide smart money, contributing with experience and knowledge


Construtechs e Proptechs em nosso portfólio

Tem uma ideia de negócio ou uma startup no setor e busca um sócio para crescer? É investidor e acredita no potencial de um dos principais setores da economia?

Se você se identifica com o nosso propósito, deixe seus contatos e vamos conversar!


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